Klober Uni-Line Universal Roof Tile Vent Red / Grey / Brown / Terracotta

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Klober Uni-Line Universal Roof Tile Vent Red / Grey / Brown / Terracotta

This Universal Tile Vent suits most concrete interlocking roof tiles and can be used to ventilate roof voids

Can also be used as a terminal for soil and ventilation pipes and mechanical extraction systems, with the addition of a Universal Vent Tile Adaptor (available separately)

Note: This Vent does not suit the following tile profiles:

  • Redland Delta
  • Redland Cambrian
  • Redland Mk1 / Mk2 Stonewold
  • Redland Saxon
  • Redland Richmond
  • Anchor Centurion
  • Anchor Slate
  • Marley Monarch
  • Clay Pantiles
  • Landmark Slates



  • Material: UPVC


  • Dimensions: 455 mm long x 440 mm wide x 91 mm deep (excluding downpipe)


  • Low profile design
  • Fully wind tunnel tested
  • Rear oval spigot to ensure direct ventilation path and maximum airflow into the roof space
  • Adaptor and flexpipe available separately to allow connection to soil ventilation or mechanical extraction
  • Suitable for: Most popular interlocking and plain tile roofs with a pitch over 17.5 degrees
  • Can be used for roof space ventilation or for soil ventilation or mechanical extraction when used with the optional soil/mechanical adaptor
  • High or low level roof ventilation
  • Complies fully with relevant Building Regulations and British Standards



  • The Tile Vent is positioned inline with the tile below and an opening is cut in the underlay
  • Once the opening has been made in the underlay the back box is inserted through the opening until the Tile Vent nibs are located over the top of the batten
  • The Tile Vent is then fixed into the batten through the nail hole within the Tile Vent and with the wire clip provided
  • The front skirt is dressed onto a clean dry tile surface
  • The roof tiles either side of the vent are then laid
  • Prior to the tile above the vent being laid the upper skirt needs to be pushed down
  • Tile battens would need to be cut if plain tiles are being used.