Galvanised Timber Hangers 50mm

Galvanised Timber Hangers 50mm

Product Code BUILDANCJIF50


Galvanised Timber Hangers 50mm / 100mm

Galvansied Timber to Timber Hangers are used for timber to timber connections. Its simplistic design allows for easy and quick installation and fewer fixings.

Made from pre-galvanised carbon steel to give high level corrosion resistance and strength.



  • Characteristic value (kN) Eurocode: 14.41 (50mm) / 14.41 (100mm)
  • Safe working load (kN) BS5628 - Short Term: 7.21 (50mm) / 7.21 (100mm)
  • Safe working load (kN) BS5628 - Medium Term: 6.86 (50mm) / 6.86 (100mm)
  • Safe working load (kN) BS5628 - Long Term: 6.0

Product Information

  • Length: 305mm (50mm) / 278mm (100m)
  • Bearing: 60mm
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Galvanised