Shell Tixophalte Wet Seal & Fix Bitumen Waterproof Sealant 310ml Cartridge

Shell Tixophalte Wet Seal & Fix Bitumen Waterproof Sealant 310ml Cartridge

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Shell Tixophalte Bitumen Waterproof Sealant 310ml Cartridge

Tixophalte is a ready to use professional bituminous adhesive and sealant with permanent flexibility giving superior adhesion.

It that can be applied cold as a filler, joint sealer or adhesive for a wide variety of jobs, from large scale industrial to domestic.

Its waterproofing properties mean it can even be applied underwater!

Shell Tixophalte has been used by construction industry professionals, tradesmen, builders and DIY enthusiasts for over 20 years.

Formulated from carefully selected components based on rubbermodified bitumen, it is easy to apply and is designed to offer longlasting protection and waterproofing. It is also formulated for high resistance to movement, weathering, chemicals and other environmental factors.


  • Sealing leaks and making repairs, even on wet surfaces
  • Adhesives for all types of roofing felts; including APP and SBS modified membranes
  • Waterproof finishing of overlaps, connections and joints of roof edges, chimneys, light domes and bushings for exhaust pipes
  • Fixing rain water drain systems onto the roof; Connection of damp courses and other waterproofing wall details (e.g. innerwalls)
  • Fixing overlaps of roofing felt at rising outer walls
  • Temporary remedial or repair of plumbing
  • All possible situations where adhesion, sealing, joint filling of common building materials is required

It is thixotropic, which means it can be applied to steep and even vertical slopes without runoff!

Whatever the scale of a project, be it sealing entire large scale building projects or simply repairing your home or roof, it is ideal for sealing leaks and making repairs, even on wet surfaces, adhering all types of roofing felts, waterproofing overlaps, connections and joints of roof edges, chimneys, light domes and bushings for exhaust pipes, fixing rainwater drain systems to the roof and connecting damp courses and other waterproofing wall details.

Shell Tixophalte has advanced wetweather and underwater properties making it ideal for waterproofing cracks and joints in wet and underwater conditions, such as waterways; canals; dams; bridges; water storage reservoirs and hydraulic power stations.

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  • Shell Tixophalte can be used for bonding plastics without plasticisers. With light coloured plastics use of Shell Tixophalte may cause staining


  • Contact with mineral oil, (gasoline, kerosine, gas oil) softens the product
  • Compatibility with extruded polystyrene can vary. In this case, Shell Tixophalte is best applied on the substrate. After a while the boards can be adhered. Avoid making the Shell


  • Cold applicable, ready for use
  • Adheres and seals under many different conditions
  • Sticks to wet substrate (even under water)
  • Sticks to most plastics, e.g. polythylene
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent direct adhesion, sticks directly to most wet surfaces and most building materials including concrete, metals, glass and most plastics
  • Can be applied under water
  • Ideal for damp and wet conditions during application and over its lifetime protection against rust, damp and corrosion
  • Meets the ISO11600 standard which defines the physical properties of building sealants including anticipated movement
  • Long shelf life in aluminium cartridges (at least three years)



  • It is recommended to have surfaces clean, dry, free of dust, grease and unbound particles
  • Prior to application adhesion tests are recommended
  • In most cases no primer is required. If a primer or a pretreatment is recommended, the best results will be obtained with a bituminous primer. A bituminous primer is particularly recommended for porous substrates
  • Can be applied by hand with a conventianal mastic gun or a compressed airgun
  • Using the cartridge, the aluminium seal in the front screw hole has to be completely opened
  • The screw spout has to be cut slantwise so that it has the size of the desired band of Shell Tixophalte
  • A clean spout is important for a uniform dose and a smooth finish
  • In order to obtain adequate adhesion on a wet substrate, it is important that the distance between substrate and spout is as small as possible and not more than 3mm, so that the initial adhesion is obtained by displacing the water
  • When compressedair guns are used, the piston and the cylinder have to be greased properly. Shell Tixophalte must be applied in strips or spots, so that the solvent is able to evaporate easily
  • Ensure that there is adequate ventilation during use
  • Curing: The curing rate is influenced by factors such as temperature, type of substrate, absorbency behaviour of the materials and the applied layerthickness of Shell Tixophalte. Immediately after applying Shell Tixophalte, the adhesion is sufficient to resist a low load
  • Maximum strength is obtained after curing by evaporation of the solvent. The final adhesive strength is strongly dependent on the type and nature of the bond
  • When bonding insulation material or roofing felt with for instance 5 strips each 4cm wide, the consumption is a minimum of 400 g/ square metres (depending on the substrate). This can be increased at the corners and edges of the roof
  • Cleaning advice: Shell Tixophalte can be mechanically removed (e.g. with a palette knife)
  • Finally the residue of Shell Tixophalte can be cleaned by dissolving in an hydrocarbon solvent (white spirit).

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