Play Sand for Sandpits & Playpits: 15kg Bag

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Play Sand for Sandpits & Playpits to BSEN1177: 15kg Bag

A multi-washed and triple-screened natural silica sand-based loose impact absorbing surface (LIAS) suitable as an effective surface in play areas, or with play pits and indoor games areas, and where fall heights are lower.

Ideal for use in childrens play areas, under play equipment, for sand play areas, as well as athletic facilities, school jumping pits and sports areas.

  • Supplied in 15 litre bags
  • Approximate weight of 15kg

Please note that this product is accurately weighed at the time of filling the bags, however settling can take place during transit, due to dampness etc. The weight can also vary due to moisture content & loss of product can occur during transit.


  • Non toxic
  • Non staining
  • Fine free flowing
  • Low abrasive characteristics
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Vandal resistant
  • Hostile living environment for pests
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Easy to relocate

  • Excellent durability of 6 – 8 years plus
  • Pre-washed & dried, preventing staining & marking of clothes
  • Rapid drainage during wet weather

  • Nominal particle size 0.25mm - 0.50mm
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN 1176 and 1177
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN 71-1- 3 (Safety of Toys)
  • Totally fire resistant