Klober Permo Air Breathable Roof Membrane

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Klober Permo Air Breathable Roof Membrane

Permo Air is the most breathable air open low resistance underlay on the market.

It is the ideal solution where there is a high risk of condensation forming in the roofspace.

Being both air open & vapour permeable further minimises the risk of condensation forming, particularly during the drying out period of a new building.



  • Material: Strong 3 layer product consisting of UV stabilised PP fleece and a high performance Meltblown layer
  • CE certified


  • Lowest vapour resistance of all breathable membranes
  • No ventilation required
  • Hydrophobically treated type LR underlay
  • Strong 3 layer material
  • Recyclable
  • UV stable for 4 months
  • Superior nail tear strength
  • Suitable for cold and warm roof applications
  • Manufacturers Part Number: 50mtr x 1.5mtr (75 square metres): KU004515 / 50mtr x 1mtr (50 square metres): KU00451
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