How to remove moss from a roof

Removing Moss From Your Roof

We stock & supply Cromar Moss & Mould Remover which kills lichen, moss and similar vegetation resulting in growth free roof tiles and slates.

Products such as this can also be used to remove growth on roofs, walls and other external surfaces prior to treatment with surface finishes.

Application is easy: Simply apply by brush or low pressure spray at a rate of 4 - 6m2 per litre per coat, and leave for approximately one hour.

The surface is then cleaned using a stiff bristled brush to remove any loose debris and a second coat can be applied if any growth remains.

The cleaned surfaces should then be left for at least 24 hours to cure, before cleaning again and washing down again, taking care to remove any white deposits which may have formed.

The use of a high pressure jet wash at any stage in this process is strongly discouraged as this has a very high liklihood of permanent damage and degradation of the roof tiles or slates.

It is strongly recommended that a trial area should be coated initially to assess the correct dosage, and that products such as these should not be applied in wet weather to prevent run off and local contamination.