Are roof shingles waterproof?

Are roof shingles waterproof?


Felt roof shingles are eminently waterproof!

Felt shingles do not absorb water, the water will simply run off shingles and off of the roof and into the guttering, if its installed. Felt shingles are used all around the world and have huge popularity with home owners in the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico.

If there is a break in the roof or rip in the shingles, then the roof is likely to leak. If the shingles do rip, have holes or begin to lift, replace the shingles immediately to prevent further damage to the roof.

Our premium felt shingles are manufactured with a bitumous adhesive strip on the back, designed to help stop wind uplift.

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Where can I find felt shingles near me?

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