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Is Roofing Felt Necessary For My Property?

Is Roofing Felt Necessary For My Property?
Roofing felt has become integral in creating a secure, waterproof roof that is durable and will protect your home, your belongings, and other outbuildings for many years to come. Find out why roofing felt is necessary for your property here.

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Coronavirus FAQs

UPDATED 04.06.20: Many of our customers have asked if we are still open, if we are still delivering, and if there are shortages of roofing and building materials because of the current Coronavirus pandemic. Find answers to these questions, and many others, in this helpful guide.

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Do I need a Chimney Liner?

Do I need a Chimney Liner?

The question of whether or not to have your chimney lined is a tricky one. It is essential for homeowners to be aware of the rules and regulations surrounding chimney use and to make sure that they also protect their homes and themselves. Read more in our handy guide.

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VELUX Double Rewards Promotion: March & April 2020

VELUX Double Rewards Promotion: March & April 2020 | About Roofing Supplies

About Roofing Supplies have partnered with VELUX windows, and are pleased to announce that the first VELUX promotion of 2020 is here and it is TWICE as big with a huge double rewards offer!

This March & April you can earn £35 rewards for EVERY VELUX white painted roof window, and an even bigger £70 rewards for every VELUX INTEGRA® electric or solar roof window you purchase!

To benefit from the rewards all you need to do is sign up for an account at and upload an image of your invoice.

Your account will then be credited with the rewards which you can spend with a fantatsic choice of top-brand partners including M&S, Argos, John Lewis, Tesco, Currys PC World and many many more.

Slate or Tile Roof - Which is better?

Slate or Tile Roof - Which is better?

Many homeowners find themselves deliberating between two of the most popular types of roofing materials, namely slates or tiles. In this blog, we’ll look at the specifics as well as the pros and cons of each to help ensure that you select the right roof covering - whatever your building project.

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New Product Focus: Fascias & soffits, blocks, aggregates, insulation, rainwater, guttering & underground drainage ranges

New Product Focus: Fascias & soffits, blocks, aggregates, insulation, rainwater, guttering & underground drainage ranges

About Roofing Supplies: There's more to us than meets the eye!

About ROOFING Supplies......only supply roofing products - the clue's in the name? Right? Well, wrong actually!

We have always stocked and supplied a far wider range of products than the roofing orientated products upon which we have built our name and reputation.

Many of our regular customers are well aware of this and have been purchasing aggregates, underground drainage, rainwater and guttering products, blocks, fascias, soffits and insulation from us for years.

However we haven't until now added these products to our website as we didn't want to confuse everyone - after all, About Roofing Suppllies only supply ROOFING products, right? Wrong!

We stock and / or supply the following:

  • Quinn thermal blocks
  • Celotex insulation
  • Knauf insulation
  • Building aggregates such as sand & MOT
  • Decorative aggregates such as shingles, stones and chippings
  • Landscaping products such as soils, lawn treatments and composts
  • Hunter guttering and rainwater products in a wide range of sizes, colours and types
  • Hunter underground draingage products
  • Swish & Edge fascias and soffits in a wide range of colours, sizes and types

Some of these products are on our website now with more being added all the time - keep checking back if you can't see the products that you are looking for or in the meantime why not contact us directly?

Please call or email us for further details of the products that we can supply to save you money on your current or next project.


New Product Focus: Manthorpe Curv Roof Vent Tile

Manthorpe GTV CURV Cowled Universal Concrete Interlocking Roof Tile Vent | About Roofing

A new addition to our product range is the Manthorpe GTV CURV Cowled Universal Concrete Interlocking Roof Tile Vent

Available in four colours (red, grey, brown & terracotta) to suit most applications, the Manthorpe Cowled Universal Roof Vent is designed to provide a quick and simple solution to the problems of roofspace ventilation and mechanical extraction or soil stack termination through a wide variety of concrete interlocking roof tiles.

It is especially useful on jobs where the installer may not know what the roof covering is: Designed to suit many large and small format concrete interlocking tiles, both flat and profiled in design, from 15x9s to large flat profiles such as the Marley Modern to deep bold roll styles of roof tile.

The Manthorpe Cowled Universal Roof Vent Tile is fitted with a versatile flashing skirt which can be dressed to match the relevent profile of the roof covering and comes with an adhesive mastic backing which securely seals the flashing down to the roof tile.

The hooded cowl protects the opening from the elements whilst providing an airflow path into the roofspace. An integral 4mm louvred grill within the cowl prevents the entry of debris and large nesting insects.

When using the vent for mechanical extraction, soil stack or vent pipe termination, the rear spigot is stepped to allow for 4" round, 5" round or a 6" oval connection.

The 4" connection can be joined to one of the Manthorpe range of GRPA Flexible Pipes to continue the ducting further into the roofspace.

We now have these innovative, versatile vent tiles in stock ready for immediate despatch.

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Replacing Broken Roof Tiles - The Do's and Don'ts

Replacing Broken Roof Tiles

If you spot a cracked or broken tile on your roof, it is essential to address the problem as soon as possible. Without doing so, you risk your roof leaking and the damage getting worse. Find out more about the do's and don'ts of replacing your broken roof tiles.

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A Guide to Smokeless Fuels

A Guide to Smokeless Fuels

If you use house coal, you could consider choosing an approved smokeless fuel with a low sulphur content instead of traditional house coal as an alternative. Read our definitive guide to smokeless coal here.

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