Lasher Ecobarrow Recycled Plastic 70 Litre Wheelbarrow

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Lasher Ecobarrow 70 litre Recycled Plastic Wheelbarrow

The Lasher Ecobarrow Wheelbarrow has a large capacity 70 litre HDPE poly pan, black nylon frame and pneumatic wheel.

The unique design of the Lasher Ecobarrow features an ergonomic handle and a frame constructed from nylon, making it extremely durable, rust and corrosion resistant, and easy to clean.

The wheel is constructed using roller bearings and a pneumatic wheel for a long service life.

Comfortable to use but very strong, this is a reliable wheelbarrow and is easy to manoeuvre and therefore ideally suited to both domestic and commercial use. 


  • Wheel Diameter: 380mm
  • Wheel Width: 75mm
  • Widest Point: 685mm
  • Pan Capacity: 70L
  • Weight Limit: 150-200kg


  • Ergonomic Shaped Handles For Additional Comfort
  • Lightweight And Durable Nylon Frame
  • Rust, Corrosion And Impact Resistant
  • Ideal For Industrial, commercial And General Use
  • Poly Hub Roller Bearings
  • Complete With Pneumatic 4 Ply Wheel Pan
  • Constructed From Recycled High Density Polyethylene
  • Instructions Are Included
  • Self Assembly Is Required
  • 5 Year Guarantee