Hedgehog Gutter Guard Brush 200mm 8 inch x 4mtr Black

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Hedgehog Gutter Guard Brush 200mm 8 inch x 4mtr Black

Hedgehog Gutter Guard brushes are 4m in length and will fit the majority of gutter profiles.

Manufactured using a stainless steel core and polypropylene filaments to create the brush, the Hedgehog Gutter Guard brush is so simple to install that you could do it yourself.

If your home is surrounded by trees, the build up of leafs and twigs in your gutters and drains can cause blockages and unnecessary damage to your gutters and drains.

Unless you are prepared to carry out difficult regular and necessary cleaning yourself, you may have to regularly call for the services of a professional gutter and drain cleaner at huge expense.

Leaves just blow off the Hedgehog Gutter Guard Brush, allowing any rainfall to flow through your gutters freely and easily. Any leaves or twigs that may become trapped in the Hedgehog filaments will eventually break down into tiny particles and wash through your gutters giving you peace of mind for years.

The Hedgehog Gutter Brush can also be used to eliminate clogged garden and pathway drains.

Assessing the correct size of Hedgehog for your gutter:

Note: The depth should be at least 50% of the diameter of the Hedgehog Brush

  • 75mm Hedgehog Gutter Brush: Internal width of gutter 75mm to 85mm
  • 100mm Hedgehog Gutter Brush: Internal width of gutter 100mm to 116mm
  • 125mm Hedgehog Gutter Brush: Internal width of gutter 117mm to 137mm
  • 150mm Hedgehog Gutter Brush: Internal width of gutter 138mm to 160mm
  • 200mm Hedgehog Gutter Brush: Internal width of gutter 170mm to 210mm


  • Manufactured from polypropylene brush filaments cleverly spun around a stainless steel wire spine
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Ten year manufacturers product guarantee
  • Can be cleaned easily if necessary
  • Can also be used in pathway drains
  • Will fit most types of gutters including traditional iron and asbestos gutters
  • Fits curved or welded gutters
  • Adapts automatically to the shape of any gutter including Deepflow, Ogee and Classic profiles
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Fitted in minutes and does not require special installation expertise
  • Maintenance free
  • Bristles are coated with a unique UV resistant protective coating to safeguard and protect from extreme temperatures
  • Avoids ladder climbing for maintenance
  • Each length will fill 4m long of guttering
  • Manufacturers Part Number: HHGB4M200MMBL



  • Before installation ensure that any leaves/debris are removed and the gutters/drains are clean
  • It is very important that the correct diameter brush is chosen for the gutters or drains. The brush must fit snugly in position without any gaps either side. If the brush is a loose fit in the gutter, it will be much less effective and is likely to be blown out. If you measure the inside width of the gutter and it is, say 90mm, the correct diameter of brush would be the standard 100mm diameter
  • The filaments at the top of the brush should extend slightly above the level of the tiles or slate
  • The brushes should run continuously along the whole length of the guttering. When one brush finishes, bend the excess wiring at the end of each brush backwards to form a hook and simply attach the two brush ends together to continue the run
  • The brushes can run directly across the down pipe or drain outlets
  • If there is excess brush at the end of the run, just cut the excess of with a pair of wire snips but make sure to leave approximately 50mm overrun, then just untwist the wire to remove excess filaments, re twist the spine and bend into a hook shape and secure into the gutter
  • In some cases where the eaves roof tiles do not reach into the gutter properly or in extremely windy areas it is also recommended that the product is tied down with cable ties (400mm) or the Hedgehog GutterClip, normally one at each end of a 4 mtr length and one in the middle should be adequate
  • In normal circumstances, after fitting, the brushes and gutters should not require cleaning for at least 5 to 7 years and in some cases much longer
  • All large objects such as leaves and sticks will not be allowed to enter the gutter and therefore will blow away or perish
  • Smaller particles percolate down into the brush and will also break down
  • Water will still have free passage along the gutter but the particles will be prevented from reaching the drainage system and causing blockage
  • After a short while the accumulation of dirt in the bottom of the gutter will be broken down by the action of aerobic bacteria and beneficial fungi
  • This biological decomposition and the passage of rainwater will become a selfcleaning process


Hedgehog Gutter Brush Video