Hambleside Danelaw Interlocking Roof Tile Soakers Left Hand / Right Hand HD MDS

Hambleside Danelaw Interlocking Roof Tile Soakers Left Hand / Right Hand HD MDS

Product Code ANCDSMODxx



Hambleside Danelaw HD MDS Interlocking Roof Tile Soakers Left Hand / Right Hand

Hambleside Danelaw dry soakers are available to suit many popular roof tiles, and are used at details that form a junction between construction elements to make them weathertight.

These soakers are also known as abutment flashings, cover flashings, step flashings, step and cover flashings and chimney flashings.

These products are manufacturered from polypropylene making them an ideal lead replacement solution. There are lots of benefits of selecting flashing products made from polypropylene:

Firstly, when compared with lead, they half as much time and cost to install, and do not streak or stain. This is partly because they are so lightweight and easy to handle, and also because they are preformed to the required shape.

Polypropylene does not hold the same value, so it deters criminals from theft and the associated damaging to the property.

These pre-formed soakers are quick and simple to install, creating a watertight joint at abutments. Being manufactured from polypropylene, the individual dry soaker range has the following benefits;

Tile Compatibility:

  • Lagan Flat
  • Marley Eternit Duo Modern
  • Marley Eternit Modern
  • Quinn Western Slate
  • Redland Mini Stonewold
  • Redland Stonewold Mkll
  • Russell Grampian
  • Russell Highland
  • Sandtoft Traditional Calderdale
  • Sandtoft Traditional Duo Calderdale



  • Length: 430mm
  • Height: 75mm
  • Width: 185mm
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Colour: Black


  • Thermally stable
  • UV resistance
  • Acid rain resistance
  • Product Code HD MDS LH / HD MDS RH
  • Available in both left and right handed options.