Edilians HP17 Interlocking Clay Roof Tile Slate / Burnt Red / Chevreuse

Edilians HP17 Interlocking Clay Roof Tile Slate / Burnt Red / Chevreuse

Product Code HFHP17
Material Clay


Edilians HP17 Interlocking Clay Roof Tile Slate / Burnt Red / Chevreuse

You can count on the Edilians HP17 when it comes to resistance and optimum watertightness even at a low roof pitch of 20 degrees.

The outlets at the top of the tile fulfil their essential function of keeping the roof watertight. They are effective without looking unsightly, as, once the tile is installed, they are invisible. As for the central reinforcement bars on the underside of the tile, they ensure great stability and the reassurance of knowing you have a quality roof that will resist the worst of the weather.

With these technical qualities, allied to a choice of 3 colours and stunning good looks, what more could you wish for?

Precise manufacturing processes and a beveled leading edge ensure that an attractive finish is attained with smooth precise lines.

Using only 17 tiles per m/2, at nominal gauge, installation is quick and easy providing an economical alternative to Natural and Man Made slate suitable for all contemporary buildings.



  • Overall length of tile: 358 mm
  • Overall width of tile: 246 mm
  • Cover width: 204 mm
  • Material: Clay
  • Weight per tile: 2.6 kg
  • Quantity per pallet: 420

Gauge & Headlap:

  • Minimum gauge: 222 mm
  • Maximum gauge: 285 mm
  • Minimum headlap: 67 mm


  • Cover width: 204 mm
  • Coverage/m2 at max gauge: 17.2/m2
  • Weight per m/2 laid: 44.7 kg
  • Minimum roof pitch: 20 degrees


  • Batten required m/2: max gauge: 3.5 l/mtr per m/2
  • Batten sizes required: Rafter Centres @ 450 mm: 25mm x 38mm / Rafter Centres @ 600 mm: 25mm x 50mm
  • Nail size: 50mm x 3.35mm


  • English codes of Practice: BS5534: 2003
  • French codes of Practice: 40-211

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