CT1 Miracle Seal 250ml Can

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CT1 Miracle Seal 250ml Can

Permanently seals small leaks anywhere in the cooling system such as radiators, hose pipes and water pumps, & can even seal hairline cracks in engine blocks.

Guaranteed; Will NOT clog the system due to a revolutionary new formula.

Compatible with all types of water based coolants, & is not affected by AntiFreeze. Seals leaks instantly and is a permanent solution whilst remaining in the system, & contains lubrication and anticorrosion additives and is used for sealing leaks in Domestic and Automotive situations.

Developed to make fast emergency epairs to leaking radiators and cooling systems. In case of minor leaks, the repair can be permanent.

The soft particles do not clog the radiator and do not influence the action of the mechanical parts of the cooling system.

Can be used in all types of radiators and is compatible with all types of water based coolant.



  • Basis: Water
  • Physical condition : Granular liquid with high viscosity


  • A fast & safe glue remover
  • Removes sealants, adhesives, wax, stickers, tar and chewing gum from many surfaces



  • Domestic / Commercial: when sealing leaks in Heating Systems, Underfloor Heating Systems and Solar Panels, simply shake the bottle of Miracle Seal vigorously and pour into the system.


CT1 Miracle Seal 250ml Can