Coxdome 1200mm x 2400mm Galaxy Roof Dome For Refurbishment Projects

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The Coxdome Trade Range of roof domes is available in a vast range of shapes and sizes, with a model available to suit virtually any project!

Manufactured from extruded white PVC-u they can be supplied rectangular, spherical or pyramidal with a choice of 150mm splayed, 300mm splayed or 160mm vertical upstands.

The range is available in a wide variety of sizes, with double, triple or quadruple glazing, and can be specified fixed, with or without background ventilation, or with hinged ventilation.

We are able to offer prices tailored to your exact requirements & project: Please call us on 01737 763008 or email us for a free quotation.



The Coxdome Galaxy Range is a ‘dome-only’ solution and has been designed to be fitted to existing builder’s kerbs.

The 100mm flanged polycarbonate unit ensures it fits to most kerbs without the need for adjustment.

The Galaxy Range is ideal for refurbishment projects where only the glazing needs replaced.

All Galaxy domes are manufactured using 3mm polycarbonate. ‘According to EN 13501-1 2007, 3mm polycarbonate achieves B-s1-d0 and therefore attains Class 1 Certification. TP(a) is realised with a solid polycarbonate sheet minimum 3mm thick.

Please Note: All Galaxy domes are supplied undrilled for maximum flexibility. Security fixings are supplied with each dome.

Please see the "Fixing" tab for details of size suitability

Much of our time is spent in enclosed spaces – at work, at home and in public places. We are often surrounded by artificial light and air-conditioned air. In many respects this is convenient, but it certainly does not stimulate our mind and senses to the same extent as natural light and fresh air does.

Light is one of the most important elements in all cultures as people generally use their sense of sight to perceive their environment. Natural daylight plays a particularly important role in this respect because of its positive effect. It induces a sense of well-being and keeps us healthy and in peak condition. It inspires us, increases creativity and has an alleviating anti-stress effect.

Coxdome Roof Domes enable us to benefit from these positive effects. The basic idea is to bring natural light into all the areas in which you may spend time. The solutions that have been developed for this purpose are used in all areas of public and private life. Available in a plethora of different designs that can be integrated into any type of building, be it a new or refurbished property. All Coxdome Roof Domes are designed to meet high technical requirements. Sophisticated designs offer energy-efficient products based around cost-effective building maintenance. The special glazing technology also provides maximum light output for your internal rooms.



  • Minimum 50mm builders kerb required, ideally 100mm maximum

  • The glazing tape between the polycarbonate layers is 100mm and therefore can be visible on builders kerbs less than 100mm width.


  • Available in Clear or Diffused versions
  • Security Fixings supplied as standard
  • Easy to install with minimum disturbance
  • Supplied undrilled for maximum flexibility on site


Suitability Chart:

Dome Size (mm)         Kerb: Minimum Dimensions (mm)        Kerb: Maximum Dimensions (mm)

    600 x 600                                        510 x 510                                                      610 x 610

    600 x 900                                        510 x 810                                                      610 x 910

    600 x 1200                                      510 x 1120                                                    610 x 1220

    600 x 1800                                      510 x 1730                                                    610 x 1830

    750x 750                                          660 x 660                                                      760 x 760

    750 x 900                                         660 x 810                                                      760 x 910

    900 x 900                                         810 x 810                                                      910 x 910

    900 x 1200                                       810 x 1120                                                    910 x 1220

    900 x 1800                                       810 x 1730                                                    910 x 1830

    1050 x 1050                                    970 x 970                                                       1070 x 1070

    1050 x 1500                                    970 x 1420                                                     1070 x 1520

    1200 x 1200                                    1120 x 1120                                                   1220 x 1220

    1200 x 1800                                    1120 x 1730                                                   1220 x 1830

    1200 x 2400                                    1120 x 2340                                                    1220 x 2440

    1500 x 1500                                    1420 x 1420                                                    1520 x 1520

    1800 x 1800                                     1730 x 1730                                                   1830 x 1830

Please note:

  • A minimum 50mm existing builders is kerb required, ideally 100mm maximum.
  • The glazing tape between the polycarbonate layers is 100mm and therefore can be visible on builder’s kerbs less than 100mm width.
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