W T Knowles Chimney Pots, Cowls & Flues

W T Knowles manufactures an unrivalled range of terracotta chimney pots, terminals and accessories to suit Solid Fuels, Gas and Multi fuels extending to over 180 variants.

W T Knowles is the only privately owned manufacturer of chimney pots and flues in the UK, and still use many of the traditional clay moulding processes from the early 20th Century, producing both glazed and unglazed products.

The clay chimney pots are designed and manufactured to BS EN 13502:2002 with a quality system to BS EN ISO 9000 in operation.

Even when a flue/chimney system is no longer in use, W T Knowles has a wide selection of flue vents and blanking accessories necessary to preserve the status of the redundant flue.

The accessories provide protection for the chimney system from th ingress of rain and nesting birds and when flue vents are fitted, allow air to circulate to prevent stagnant and damp conditions. 

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