Chesterfoil Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier 40m x 1.08m

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Chesterfoil Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier 40m x 1.08m

Chesterfoil is designed for use as a high performance vapour barrier. Manufactured using a high strength aluminium core with a self-adhesive underside and release film, Chesterfoil can be used in a wide variety of applications within the construction industry.

Chesterfoil Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier will restrict the passage of warm moisture laden air from within the building, providing an airtight and vapour proof seal, in accordance with Energy Conservation Regulations.

Chesterfoil can be used as a vapour barrier within a wide variety of waterproofing systems, for example: built-up felt roofing, single-ply membranes, liquid applied waterproofing, metal roofing etc.

Chesterfoil has a very high tear resistance and can be used on many types of decking including metal, plywood, osb boarding, concrete, plasterboard, after suitable preparation using Chesterfelt self adhesive primer.

When installed, Chesterfoil creates an airtight / vapour proof seal which can accommodate normal or high humidity conditions.

Chesterfoil has a self-adhesive cold applied direct application and is quick, easy and safe to use.


  • Roll size: 40m x 1.08m = 43.2 m2
  • Roll weight: 29kg
  • Thickness: 0.72mm


  • Vapour proof
  • Air tight
  • Extra strong reflective aluminium foil
  • Self-adhesive
  • Gas Resistant
  • Cold applied
  • High tear resistance
  • Normal or high humidity use
  • Quick and easy to use


  • Substrate: All surfaces should be without voids, sharp protrusions and be smooth, clean, dry and free of dust, grease, frost and dew.
  • Priming: After suitable preparation, Chesterfelt self-adhesive primer should be used on all surfaces including metal deck, plywood/osb, concrete/screed, bituminous substrates (please observe coverage rates on primer instructions).
  • Laps: Side and end laps should be 150mm wide sealed down firmly using a hand roller (no primer required).
  • T-Joints: 45 degree cutting for the overlap corner.
  • Please note: Application temperature advised +10 degrees c. The use of a hot air gun can aid application during cold temperatures up to 10 degrees c.