Contract 10mm Blended & Screened Top Soil: Bulk Bag

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Contract 10mm Blended & Screened Top Soil: Bulk Bag

Our 10mm Contract top soil is a blended soil produced from responsibly recycled soils, screened to 10mm.

This topsoil is ideal for applications where the budget dictates that an economically priced bulk fill soil is used, or for projects where our premium grade soils are simply too expensive or are over specified for the project.

Manufactured using a blend of selected recycled soils and sand, screened to 10mm, this material will have a slightly greater amount of stone material present compared to our premium and general purpose graded soils.

This contract grade soil is suitable for leveling large areas, filling voids such as ponds and for building up low areas of ground prior to final landscaping works.

  • Supplied in 0.7 cubic metre (m3) bulk bags
  • Approximate weight: 800kg

Please note that this product is accurately weighed at the time of filling the bags, however settling can take place during transit, due to dampness etc. The weight can also vary due to moisture content & loss of product can occur during transit.


Ideal for:

  • Seeding
  • Turfing
  • Levelling uneven lawns
  • Contract planting
  • General landscaping applications
  • Screened to 10mm